Woman Caves or She Sheds - Female Backyard Retreat

Home Improvement

Women are starting a new trend! A backyard shed or retreat just for themselves. Interior designers are creating backyard havens for women to enjoy their own personalized space to relax, spend time on their hobbies, work or be creative. The She Shed tends to be functional and practical versus a doll house type setting. A place to escape the noise and distractions inside the home.

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She sheds are often created from existing backyard sheds, chicken coops or garden sheds. Creators are adding charm by using recycled, antique or used materials to build or decorate their sheds.

Do they have to be expensive to create? No. Using large windows and natural sunlight for illumination is common. A hose for water supply can work. Using an extension cord if electricity is desired.

What would you do in your She Shed? Nap, work, relax, read, write, hobbies, spend time with pets, enjoy beverages or ?

If you do not have an existing outbuilding to turn into your She Shed there are hundreds of low cost shed plans available from Ryan's Shed Plans

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